Amber Borowski

The act of creating art to tell, or retell a story of who we are, what we believe, and why we believe it, is an important part of society’s deep-seated need to illustrate deeply held belief systems. I explore and illustrate the ways “morals” have been taught in many cultures to both adults and children through fairy tales. The Old Testament portrays striking images, many times as warnings, as in fairy tales, to emphasize moral virtues, consequences of immoral behavior, and extends the belief that good deeds and living a pure life will reap rich rewards in a person’s life here on Earth.

I had originally been drawn to the old fairy tales of Basil, Perrault, and the Grimm Brothers, but have found through my continued research, that fairytales that exist within all cultures across the globe all hold fantastical journeys and imagery within them, each unique to their respective cultures. The portrayal of the “dark” imagery that is behind all of these tales, before, they became the washed out PG versions read to children today is the focus of my fascination and creations.


These are not the tales you read to children at bedtime….